ChartURL Examples

To help you get started, we've got a ton of examples on what you can do with ChartURL. Clicking Preview will allow you to play with options and copy the Example to a Template in your own Projects.

ChartJS Timeseries

Example ChartJS Timeseries Image

ChartJS Radar Chart

Example ChartJS Radar Chart Image

ChartJS Bar Chart

Example ChartJS Bar Chart Image

ChartJS Stacked Bar Chart

Example ChartJS Stacked Bar Chart Image

Multi Donut

Example Multi Donut Image

Multi Line

Example Multi Line Image

ChartJS Combo Chart

Example ChartJS Combo Chart Image

Copy of 'ChartJS Combo Chart'

Example Copy of 'ChartJS Combo Chart' Image

Basic Line

A simple line chart.

Example Basic Line Image


A simple pie chart.

Example Pie Image

Area Spline

A simple line chart.

Example Area Spline Image


A combo chart.

Example Combo Image

Time Series

A simple time series chart.

Example Time Series Image

Stacked Bar Chart

A stacked bar chart.

Example Stacked Bar Chart Image

Donut Chart

A donut chart.

Example Donut Chart Image

Line Chart with Regions

A line chart with different regions.

Example Line Chart with Regions Image

Scatter Plot

A xy scatter plot chart.

Example Scatter Plot Image


A chloropleth chart.

Example Chloropleth Image

Basic Line based on Data Rows

A Basic Line plot based on Data Rows.

Example Basic Line based on Data Rows Image

Basic Category

A Basic C3.js Category Chart.

Example Basic Category Image